Our Titan model weighbridges are manufactured from the highest quality steel and are specifically engineered for an industrial environment, thus giving you peace of mind, unmatched strength, accuracy and durability.

Our Titan model weighbridges are purposefully built in accordance with the Legal Metrology Act of South Africa to ensure that you stay legal and in compliance with the act.

All our weighbridges are SABS / SANAS approved and have been tested by the national regulator to ensure that the best possible product is supplied to our customers.

Since our establishment, we have been on the forefront of the mass weighing industry with installations successfully completed at sites locally and abroad.

As a market leader we offer a wide range of loadcells and indicators, locally manufactured and imported. We have many different models that can accommodate any requirement.

As agents for market leaders such as Goldbell, Zemic and United Trade Electronics, we receive backup from these giants allowing us to enforce our main target which is to supply, calibrate and service.

We also offer above and pit mounted weighbridges depending on the requirements of the client.

Overview of Titan Weighbridges:

High quality steel structure (5 year warranty on steel structure)
Heavy duty 10mm deck plates are used
254 mm heavy duty I-beams are used
All SABS approved loadcells with built-in lightning protection
Loadcells are ball and cup type which allow for total self alignment
SABS approved weighbridge indicator with RS-232 output
Concrete approaches are completely chip and crack proof
Side and movement stops are a standard fixture on all Titan weighbridges
All required cables and summation card with enclosure
Stand alone desktop or laptop
Laser or dot matrix printer
Weighbridge Techniques TITAN vehicle managment software
(Newest version available).
Software can also be modified to accommodate client requirements.
Additional devices can be added to the system such as V-cams
that can capture transactions in progress and prevent
theft and other criminal activities.

Reinforced concrete ramps or pit mounted / surface mounted approaches can be constructed as required

Service and maintenance:
Servicing of our weighbridges is made easy by our unique
bolt-down design as the deck plates can be easily removed for
cleaning under the unit.
We also offer full service and maintenance agreements for all our
clients which helps them keep their weighing equipment in working condition.
Please feel free to contact us for any weighbridge and scale related enquiries on 082 412 9645
24 hour service available

SANAS verification and calibration:

With a fully equipped test unit consisting of a test truck, crane and verification standards, we are
authorised by the NRCS / SANAS to verify and calibrate weighbridges and various weighing
equipment used for trade related purposes.

Rail weighbridges:

The Titan range of weighbridges includes a model specifically designed for use on railway structures. This variant of weighbridge is also SABS and NCRS approved making it suitable for trade related applications.
We have constructed our own bogeys for the purposes of calibrating and verifying these kinds of weighing structures. Our very own truck transports these as well as the test weights needed for this process.



Reinforced with 12mm pre-constructed cages which are cast onto 35mpa concrete ground plinths. Extra support is obtained by casting the approaches on both sides at a length of 6m


Completely chip and crack proof, the approaches are lined with angle iron and anchored into the concrete. The ramps are cast at a length of 6m on either side, depending on ground levels, and are reinforced with steel mesh which is cast with 35mpa concrete for extra strength.


The loadcell plinths are cast at a size of 3200mm x 600mm x 600mm.


On site civils will be completed within 12 working days. The curing process will take another 2 weeks.All work completed by Weighbridge Techniques will come with a 5 year warrantee.


Titan vehicle management software has been specifically developed for the business that needs a reliable, powerful software system that is foremost easy to understand and use. With basic training on a new installations, we require only 1 hour to train the operator to use the system efficiently. This software is the ideal system for any business that needs optimal control of goods and products of value. Titan is developed in South Africa for the African market and has many features including boom control, Traffic light control, Camera Capturing, basic invoicing and many more features. All transaction can be printed through the filtered report function and can be also be exported to Text, Xls, Xml and HTML thus making analysis of data very easy to accomplish.

    • Multi Level Password Protection.
    • Operator Identification per weigh.
    • Secure SQL Database (Client Server Application)
    • Full Reporting with Exporting to Xls, Xml, HTML and text
    • Report scheduling can print, export or email a report
    • on the scheduled date and time.
    • System fully customisable to business needs
    • Weighing with known mass.
    • Multi axle weighing with overload detection.
    • History of all axle overloads.
    • Platform weighing.
    • Weight comparison with customer/supplier Weight.
    • System auto detects weigh types (Dispatching / Receiving).
    • Multi Bridge weighing either as combined weight or by selected bridge.
    • Weight comparison with external invoicing systems.
    • Public weighing.
    • Traffic department setup.
    • Slip printer, Impact Printer or Laser printer ticket printing.
    • Ticket printing completely customisable to customers needs.
    • 24hour support.
    • Report printing with images captured from cameras.
    • Tare mass capturing plus history of previous tares.
    • Multi Weigh function for shorter bridges.
    • Fully illustrated 80 plus page manual supplied with each installation.