Technical Information

Axle Loading and Overloading:

With the new legislation implemented by government, axle loading has become a major problem for owners of heavy vehicles. With heavy fines being issued and impounding of vehicles being enforced by Metro Police we have specifically designed a multi deck-system that can address this issue. Using a multi-deck weighbridge with four individual decks one can determine the weight of each axle individually thus eliminating overloading of axles completely.

Lightning protection:

Multiple forms of lightning protection are provided:
Internal protection on each load cell. Copper straps are cast into a faraday cage beneath the civil construction, bypassing the load cells completely and ensuring protection from lightning strikes. Copper wires are connected to earth spikes in the ground which are then connected to the weighbridge structure and db box. As an optional extra, we offer a 1KVA online ups with built in sine tamer. This device will help protect your equipment within the weighbridge cabin such as PC's, printers and even the weighbridge indicator.


Instead of using conventional compression load-cells we have opted to use only Ball & Cup double ended shear beam load-cells. The bottom of each load-cell is bolted to the base plate and remains in a fixed position at all times.

A steel ball is fitted into the cups in order to accommodate lateral movement of the weighbridge, therefore no unnecessary strain is put onto the load-cell and the ball absorbs any strain the deck might experience, reducing wear and tear significantly over a period of time.

Our Titan load cells are available as either digital or analogue and are SABS approved. The A30T and D30T models are IP68 graded which means they are completely weather proof and suitable for use in the most demanding of environments. All of our load cells come with a one year warranty from date of purchase.