Titan Single Deck Weighbridge

Industrial Strength

Single deck vehicle weighing

This modular weighbridge is available as either analogue or digital and is the ideal system for users who would like to ascertain the weight of their vehicles without knowing the individual axle masses.


High accuracy alloy steel load cells, whether digital or analogue, come standard with your weighbridge. They are IP68 protection graded and are able to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial areas such as mines, chemical plants and scrap yards to name a few. The Titan indicators are supplied in a stainless steel housing and offer high resolution. They are multi functional instruments that are capable of connecting to external devices such as printers, Pc's and external displays.

Deck Design

The Titan weighbridge decks are modular in design and are easy to transport and assemble. They are fully electrical welded giving them uncompromising strength for the duration of their life. We have opted for a deck that uses U-shaped beams as an alternative to the conventional I-beams found in most weighbridges and the result is a durable weighing surface that is able to handle large volumes of traffic for many years. Steel decks can be swopped out for concrete ones if necessary.

Installation Options

Depending on the conditions on site, you may require either a pit-mount installation or an above ground one. Our weighbridges are suitable for both. Weighbridge Techniques offers civil construction services and can help you prepare your site for installation.

Trade Approved

The Titan single deck weighbridge has been approved by the NRCS and is legal for trade related purposed.

Vehicle Management Software

A detailed database of vehicles moving over your weighbridge is key to utilising its full potential. Records of registrations, customers, products, weights etc are stored in the Titan software and are able to be called up in the form of weighbridge tickets and reports. These can be exported, printed or emailed providing you with a convenient way to monitor traffic and activity on the weighbridge.