Modular Weighbridges Representing a New Force in Weighbridge Technology

This series of modular weighbridges represents a new force in weighbridge technology.
These fully welded Pit and Surface models deliver all that you would expect from the Titan range of weighbridges.

About Weighbridge Techniques cc

Weighbridge Techniques cc is situated in Springs and has a fully equipped workshop that assembles weighbridges and vehicle scales.
As a dynamic company we also supply railway bridges, heavy duty platform scales, specialised applications and carry out all civil works.

Weighbridges with Decks

Weighbridge Techniques cc is a South African company that supplies weighbridges with decks ranging from 6m – 30m.
Our main aim is to compete in the market, offering a unique product that is competitively priced and is quality assured at all times.


Our Titan model weighbridges are manufactured from the highest quality steel and are specifically engineered for an industrial environment, thus giving you peace of mind, unmatched strength, accuracy and durability.