Introducing the Titan range of heavy duty weighbridges

Titan weighbridges are setting the bar for South African vehicle weighing. A versatile truck weighing solution should allow customers to customise the weighbridge to their requirements. Titan delivers on this and is available in many different configurations including sigle and multi-deck options. They are also trade approved which means they can be used in a number of industries that require a verified scale.

About Weighbridge Techniques cc

Weighbridge Techniques cc is situated in Springs and offers weighbridge and scale services. We are suppliers of all types of weighing equipment and can also provide backup services such as repairs, modifications, calibration and verification on scales and weighbridges.

We offer turnkey solutions by handeling the entire project from start to finish and do not outsource to any third parties. This in turn save our clients money. Our own test trucks are responsible for the transport, installation and calibration of our weighbridges. We have a dynamic team of scale technicians and heavy machinery operators that have successfully completed installations locally and abroad.

Vehicle Weighing

Single Deck Weighbridge
Multi-Deck Weighbridge
Fixed Installation Axle Weigher
Portable Axle Weigher

Scales We Offer

Table Weighing
Platform Weighing
Hanging Scales

Weighbridge Techniques cc is a South African company that supplies weighbridges with decks ranging from 6m – 30m.
Our main aim is to compete in the market, offering a unique product that is competitively priced and is quality assured at all times.


Our Titan model weighbridges are manufactured from the highest quality steel and are specifically engineered for an industrial environment, thus giving you peace of mind, unmatched strength, accuracy and durability.